Register with the TE Office

In order to receive unemployment benefit, you must register as an unemployed jobseeker with an Employment and Economic Development Office (TE Office). You can register on the employment administration's website at, where additional instructions are available. Remember to tell the TE Office that you are a member of AYT.

After registering, you must complete a form requesting you to clarify the reasons for the termination of entrepreneurial activities and deliver it to the TE Office. The clarification must be accompanied by documents indicating the termination of entrepreneurial activities such as:

  • Proof of termination of pension insurance
  • Proof of the company's removal from the Preliminary Tax Withholding and Employer registers as well as proof of interruption or removal from the VAT Register (not required from a self-employed person or a business name)
  • Proof that the business has been placed in liquidation or declared bankrupt or that the company has been dissolved
  • Proof of termination of the company's lease or other contracts
  • A contract of sale if the company or a part thereof has been sold
  • Proof of termination of commission relationship and an accountant's certificate of the number of clients (entrepreneur comparable to an employee)
  • A decision on termination of entitlement to sickness allowance and applying for disability pension
  • A layoff notice and certificate indicating that other employees have also been laid off during the past year

The TE-Office will provide the fund with a binding labour policy statement in respect of your unemployment. The statement cannot be appealed directly. You must submit your claim for daily allowance to AYT, which will provide you with an appealable decision. The fund is not allowed to pay unemployment allowance counter to the TE Office's statement. 

Further information about registering as unemployed is available from TE Offices.