First allowance claim

The first claim, including attachments, should be mailed to AYT. Claim forms are available from our website, TE Offices or by requesting them from AYT's office.

Send your first claim to the fund accompanied by the following documents

  • A certificate of the confirmed earned income level for the pension insurance (in general in respect of a four-year period) before becoming unemployed. You can request such a certificate from your pension  insurance company
  • A capital gains statement, including attachments. A statement must be provided if you have been self-employed for over 18 months before becoming unemployed.
  • A revised tax card for payment of benefit. AYT usually obtains your tax information directly from the tax authority. If you wish to change your withholding rate, send AYT a revised tax card for your unemployment benefit.
  • Certificates in respect of any other social benefits, for example, pension or child home care allowance

If you have not had a chance to fulfil the employment condition and are claiming daily allowance on the basis of requalification security, send the fund a pay certificate and the notice of termination in respect of your previous employment relationship. The pay certificate must indicate your earnings subject to withholding tax over a period of at least 26 calendar weeks immediately prior to becoming self-employed. Pay certificates are available from The Federation of Unemployment Funds in Finland (TYJ).

You can submit the first claim to AYT after being an unemployed jobseeker for a least 4 weeks. You should submit the claim to the fund only after the TE Office has provided a statement in respect of your unemployment. Daily allowance is always claimed retroactively, we cannot process claims filled out in advance. Please note that claims must be submitted to the fund within 3 months of becoming unemployed.

Follow-up claims

When your first allowance claim has been processed, we will send you a payment notice accompanied by a follow-up form. Fill in the follow-up claim retroactively in respect of 4 weeks. The follow-up claim must also be at the unemployment fund within 3 months of the day from which the unemployment allowance is being applied for.

You can fill out the follow-up claim using either the paper form enclosed with the payment notice, or through e-Asiointi (in Finnish only) on our website. You can log into e-Asiointi with your online banking code. You can also send AYT attachments to your allowance claim through the service. We recommend that you use e-Asiointi for follow-up claims as it’s the fastets way sen your follow-up claims to the fund. The service also checks that you have filled in all the information we require.

It is a good idea to send follow-up claims and any relevant attachments to AYT at the same time. If, for example, you have worked during the period of unemployment, do not send a claim until you have a pay certificate for the same period.