When can I send my claim for daily allowance?

You can submit your first claim for daily allowance, including attachments, when you have been an unemployed jobseeker for at least four weeks. Always claim daily allowance for periods of at least four weeks and retroactively.


Will the TE Office send all my documents to AYT?

The TE Office does not forward to AYT any documents you may have given them; instead you must send the necessary attachments to your claim to the fund yourself.


How soon after submitting a claim can I expect payment?

Allowance claims arriving at AYT are processed as soon as possible, in the order of arrival. It usually takes about a week to process the first claim. Claims can be processed as soon as on the  date of arrival of the claim if the TE Office's statement and all the necessary documents are available for AYT''s use. In order to speed up the process, send all the requisite attachments at the same time.

Follow-up claims are processed in most cases on the same day they arrive at AYT. The allowance will be in your account a few days after we received your claim.


What should I do if I fall ill during unemployment?

If you become ill during a period of unemployment and you are entitled to sickness allowance, you should inform both AYT and the TE Office of your illness. AYT can pay an unemployed member unemployment allowance in respect of the period of personal liability before receiving sickness allowance.

Claim sickness allowance from Kela. Kela will provide both you and AYT with a decision on your personal liability period and inform you of the date from which sickness allowance will be paid. After you have received Kela's decision, you can claim unemployment allowance from AYT in respect of the personal liability period.


I am not satisfied with my allowance decision. How can I appeal it?

All decisions issued by AYT are appealable. Therefore you may, if you wish, appeal a decision by submitting a notice of appeal to the fund.