To be eligible for daily allowance, you must meet the employment condition.

Entrepreneur's employment requirement

You are entitled to daily allowance from AYT if you fulfil the employment condition for an entrepreneur before becoming an unemployed jobseeker.

The employment condition for an entrepreneur is fulfilled when you have

  • Been a member of AYT for at least 15 months and have
  • Simultaneously worked as an entrepreneur in such a way that the income on which your pension insurance is based has been at least the minimum statutory amount per year. The minimum amount is
    • EUR 12,816 in 2019
    • EUR 12,576 in 2018
    • EUR 12,564 in 2017
    • EUR 12,420 in 2016
    • EUR 12,325.55 in 2015

The income set for the retirement pension is confirmed as earned income under YEL or MYEL insurance and the TyEL salary of a part owner or family member. Voluntary pension insurance policies are not included in the income.

In order for the time to be included in the employment condition for an entrepreneur, the pension insurance contributions must be paid up.

In AYT, it is possible to accumulate the qualification for the employment condition in periods of at least 4 months within the 4 years preceding unemployment. This period of time can be extended by a maximum of 7 years for reasons such as maternity leave, childcare leave, sick leave, studying or part-time pension.

It is not possible to accumulate the qualification for the employment condition when receiving sickness allowance, partial sickness allowance or maternity allowance or other such benefit, or when receiving unemployment allowance or labour market subsidy on account of close down business activities or the termination of self-employment.

Absence from the labour market means potential loss of your employment condition

If you have not been available for work without an acceptable reason for over 6 months, you will lose your right to unemployment allowance. Acceptable reasons for not being available for the labour market are sickness, maternity leave or full-time study.

You are considered to be eligible for the labour market when you are self-employed or in salaried employment, or you are a jobseeker registered at a TE Office.

If you do not meet the employment conditions of an entrepreneur

If, when becoming unemployed, you have not fulfilled the employment condition for an entrepreneur, we will we determine whether you are entitled to daily allowance based on salary. This allowance is called employee requalification security allowance.

If you have been out of the labour market without an acceptable reason for more than 6 months, you are no longer entitled to earnings-related allowance. This will also apply if you no longer meet the employment condition during the review period. The review period for the condition regarding employment in the case of an entrepreneur is 4 years. The review period is the period immediately before the start of unemployment. Employees must meet the 26-week employment condition during a review period of 28 months.

You may, however, be entitled to basic unemployment allowance and labour market subsidy, even if the prerequisites for entitlement to unemployment allowance have not been met. These benefits are the same in terms of amount (EUR 32.40 per day in 2019) and you can enquire about how to claim them from Kela.

In general, it is worth remaining a member of AYT, even if the employment condition has not been met. If your entrepreneurial activities continue later on, earlier periods of self-employment can be included when reviewing the condition regarding previous employment. If you move to salaried employment, you should transfer to membership of an employee fund immediately.