Employment promotion measures

The TE Office may request a jobseeker to undertake employment promotion measures. Employment promotion measures include

  • Training in job seeking
  • Career training
  • Trial (training trial at a training facility or work trial at a working place)
  • Labour market training
  • Self-motivated study

Amount of allowance for period of employment promotion measures

Unemployment allowance is paid for the period of these services. We will pay you the same earnings-related allowance as you would be entitled to during a period of unemployment. You may also be entitled to an increased earnings-related component for the period of employment promotion services. Increased unemployment allowance is paid for a maximum of 200 days.

Expense allowance

In addition to unemployment benefit for a period of employment promotion measures you may be entitled to expense allowance. The expense allowance is meant to cover meal and travel expenses. Expense allowance is paid for the period of measures agreed on with the TE Office. As an exception to the other employment promotion measures, no expense allowance is paid during self-motivated study.

The expense allowance is EUR 9 per day, and the increased expense allowance is EUR 18 per day. The increased expense allowance is paid when you participate in an employment promotion measure outside your employment area. You are also entitled to increased expense allowance when you participate in an employment promotion measure organised in your employment area but outside the municipality where you live, and you incur accommodation costs and associated expenses for which you can show a lease agreement or another reliable document.

The expense allowance is paid in respect of actual days of participating in the measures. You may receive expense allowance for labour market training study in respect of days of absence, but not for holiday periods. The expense allowance is non-taxable income.