Check-list for the unemployed

Register as an unemployed jobseeker with a TE Office. Remember to mention that you are a member of AYT.

End your pension insurance (YEL, MYEL).

Make sure that your business has been removed from the tax authority's registers (not required from a self-employed person or a business name)

  • VAT
  • Prepayment
  • Employer Register

Submit proof of termination of your pension insurance and the documents in respect of termination of entrepreneurial activities to the TE Office.

Send the daily allowance claim to AYT when you have been an unemployed jobseeker for at least 4 weeks. The first claim should be sent to AYT within 3 months of becoming unemployed.

Fill in your allowance claim starting from the day on which you registered as an jobseeker. Check that you have indicated whether you are unemployed/in training/employed/sick in respect of each day in accordance with your situation.  A carefully completed claim speeds up processing in the fund.

Please attach to your first claim

  • A certificate in respect of the annual earned income on which your pension insurance is based on (usually for the last four years)
  • A capital gains statement
  • An account of social benefits or other income during unemployment
  • If you are claiming requalification security allowance based on your salary prior to becoming self-employed, please attach a pay certificate