Start of membership

You can join AYT if you are self-employed and your annual earned income for statutory pension insurance under YEL (the Self-Employed Person’s Pension Act), TyEL (the Employees Pensions Act) or MYEL (the Farmers' Pension Act) is at least EUR 12,816. If you have several pension insurance policies for your entrepreneurial activities, for example, YEL and MYEL insurance, the aggregate earned income for said policies must be at least EUR 12,816. For the purpose of unemployment security, entrepreneurship is defined in more detail in the section under Who can join?

If you have just started entrepreneurial activities, you can also join AYT without valid pension insurance if you undertake to take out insurance retroactively from the date of joining. If, after joining, it transpires that your pension insurance is not put into effect as planned, please let us know as soon as possible.

Your membership will begin at the earliest on the date we receive your application form. In order for membership to commence, you must pay our membership fee as from the date on which joined after receiving our membership fee invoice.  The quickest way to join is by filling in the online application form on our website. Our brochure also contains a printed form, which you can fill in and mail to us. If you send your application form before starting self-employment, we will register you as a member as from the starting date notified.

If you wish to receive an appealable decision on acceptance and starting date of membership, please include a separate written request in conjunction with your application.

Termination of membership of previous fund

Under the law, you cannot be a member of two unemployment funds at the same time. Our application form gives you the option of authorising us to notify your previous fund of your resignation for you.

Although an employee fund membership fee is sometimes invoiced in conjunction with a trade union fee, the union and the unemployment fund are, however, two separate organisations. The resignation authorisation you provide is only in respect of membership of an unemployment fund. If you were registered with both a trade union and an unemployment fund when you joined AYT, you should contact your union to find out the conditions for continuing your membership there.