Resigning from AYT

You can resign from the fund by means of a written notice of resignation. If you have any unpaid membership or basic fees at the time of resigning from the fund, AYT will issue a new invoice for any outstanding fee. 

If you have terminated your entrepreneurial activities and intend to claim unemployment allowance, do not resign from the fund. We only pay the daily allowance to our members. Instead of a membership fee, you will pay a basic fee for the duration of unemployment as verified by an Employment and Economic Development Office. We will update your fee in conjunction with processing your first benefit claim.

Members aged 65 and over

Membership of AYT ends automatically, without a notice of resignation, at the end of the calendar month you reach the age of 68. As a rule, unemployment allowance can be paid only until the end of the calendar month in which you turn 65.

Back to salaried employment

If you transfer from self-employment to salaried employment and join an employee fund, make sure that you have paid your membership fees or basic fees to AYT up until the date of resignation. In order for your accumulated income security to be retained when transferring from one fund to another, there must be no period between fund memberships during which you are uninsured.

Additional information on switching funds and on retaining unemployment security is available under From entrepreneur to employee.