How do I notify AYT of changes to personal details?

Inform the fund of any such changes via an online form, fax or telephone. Inform us also of any change of address as soon as possible. We update contact details in the membership register in accordance with the address information in the Population Register twice a year, but without your own notification mail may be sent to your old address.

I have misplaced my membership fee invoices/I have not received any membership fee invoices. What should I do?

AYT usually sends membership fee invoices all at the same time in January to those who have been members of the fund from the beginning of the year. Otherwise, we send the invoices for the entire year within two weeks of your joining. If you have lost your invoices or have not received them at all, contact AYT and we will send you new invoices.

Does AYT send my membership fee information to the tax authority?

Yes. We send the information about the membership fees you have paid directly to the tax authority.

How does sick leave affect my membership?

If Kela pays you sickness allowance for the period of incapacity to work, we will only charge you the basic fee for the period of this benefit. We cannot, however, include a period of incapacity to work in your work requirement for entrepreneurs. Inform us of the start of your incapacity to work so that we can rectify your membership fee invoicing. Your entitlement to the daily allowance remains unchanged for the duration of your sickness leave. 

How does an earnings-related pension affect my membership?

If you have been granted a full earnings-related pension, you no longer require AYT membership. Under these circumstances, you should resign from the fund in writing. When you receive an earnings-related pension, unemployment allowance from AYT can no longer be paid.

Can I authorise another person to handle my affairs with AYT?

Yes, you can. If you wish to extend or transfer the right to conduct your affairs with AYT to another person, send us a signed written authorisation. The authorisation should contain the full name of the persons authorised by you so that we can verify that the individual has the right to conduct your affairs. Without an authorisation, we will not share your personal information with anyone other than you.

My business is in a situation where legal advice is needed. Where can I obtain help?

Under the law, the only services we may provide are advice on unemployment security and unemployment allowance. We may not provide advice other than in matters relating to unemployment security. Consequently we do not provide legal guidance or advice on the rights and responsibilities of employers and employees as a member benefit.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration provides information about the rights and obligations of an employer. You can also find out if you qualify for various services of an attorney through a public legal aid office, either totally free of charge or at the cost of the deductible. If you are a member of a trade union, you may be entitled to legal advice through your union. Contact your trade union to find out.