Who can join?

You can insure yourself against unemployment in AYT if you are self-employed and your annual earned income for statutory pension insurance under YEL (the Self-Employed Person’s Pension Act), MYEL (the Farmers' Pension Act) or TyEL (the Employees Pensions Act) is at least EUR 12 816.

For the purposes of unemployment insurance, in addition to entrepreneurs insured under YEL and MYEL, part-owners and members of the entrepreneur's family employed in the company are also considered self-employed.

Ownership of a company or a part thereof alone does not make you an entrepreneur yet. If you are in salaried employment and your entrepreneurial activities are part-time, you should, as a rule, arrange your unemployment insurance through an employee fund.

Self-employed persons insured under YEL or MYEL

You can join AYT if you are required to take out YEL or MYEL insurance for your entrepreneurial activities in business or agriculture. The confirmed earned income for your pension insurance must be at least EUR 12 816 per year.

Part-owners and family members employed in a business

Under the Unemployment Insurance Act, some part-owners covered by TyEL are considered self-employed.

Persons holding a senior position

You are considered self-employed if you hold a senior position in a company of which you own

  • personally at least 15 %, or
  • you and your family together, or your family, own at least 30%.

Persons employed in a company without holding a senior position

If you are employed in a company, but do not hold a senior position, you are considered self-employed if

  • you and your family together, or your family, own at least 50% of the company.

Who qualifies as holding a senior position?

As a general rule, the chairperson, ordinary members of the Board, managing director, and partners with an equal share in the company, each with a holding of at least 15%, are considered to be in a senior position.

Family member in unemployment security

Family members include a spouse or cohabiting partner, children and grandchildren as well as parents and grandparents living in the same household as the self-employed person.

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