What does your membership fee provide?

There are times when continuing entrepreneurial operations is no longer the best option. The reasons behind a decision to close a business down are varied, including a change in the company’s operating conditions, increased competition, changes in family circumstances, burnout or a move to another location. With a guaranteed income for periods of unemployment, you are free to decide whether it is best to close down or continue. The only way to affect the income you will receive during unemployment is to take out an unemployment insurance with AYT.

Decide on the amount of your daily allowance

As a member of AYT, you may select the income level at which you insure yourself. You may choose an insurance level no higher than the annual income for your statutory pension insurance. The chosen insurance level is used as the basis on which your AYT membership fee is determined.

For example, with an income level of EUR 20,000 and two children, your tax deductible annual membership fee would be approximately EUR 319, and the daily unemployment allowance (including child increments) would be over EUR 60 per day or around EUR 15,800 for one year’s unemployment. This means that at that level your annual membership fee would pay for itself in seven days of compensable unemployment. Moreover, the AYT membership fee is fully tax deductible, which makes it rather affordable when you consider the advantages.

We are there for you when you need us

The cornerstones of our operations are quick and effective payouts and expert customer service. Assistance on an individual basis is available by phone 09 2535 3100. You can, if you wish, also order a free brochure on unemployment insurance for the self-employed by emailing us onasiakaspalvelu [at] ayt.fi (subject: Inquiry) ( )asiakaspalvelu [at] ayt.fi.

We will continue to focus on quality of customer service and availability to ensure that you always get the answers you need as quickly and easily as possible.

You are welcome to join AYT regardless of company form. Let us manage your unemployment insurance so that you can concentrate on doing business.