Unemployment is not usually something that comes to mind when starting a business or when the company is doing well. Few of us think that we are going to have a fire when taking out fire insurance. It is therefore a good idea to join an unemployment fund when there is plenty of work as you have to be a member of AYT for at least 15 months before becoming eligible for the allowance. This is called an employment condition.

More detailed information about the self-employment requirement for entrepreneurs and transferring to AYT from employee unemployment security and about entrepreneurs' entitlement to unemployment benefit is available here.

Transferring from an employee fund

If you transferred to AYT directly from an employee fund and do not fulfil the aforementioned employment condition when you become unemployed, we will pay you a daily allowance based on your salary prior to becoming self-employed. In this case, entitlement to daily allowance requires that you meet the employment condition accumulated as an employee. Your right to requalification security is valid for a maximum of 18 months after becoming self-employed, on the condition that you joined AYT within one month of leaving the previous employee fund.

Entrepreneur's employment condition is fulfilled after 15 months of business activities during membership of the AYT fund. Entitlement to daily allowance based on previous employment ends when an entrepreneur's employment condition is fulfilled.

Self-employed for some time AlREADY?

If you did not join the AYT fund when you first became self-employed, you should nevertheless become a member as soon as possible, because in order to qualify for daily allowance, you must have fulfilled the employment condition for entrepreneurs during your membership in the AYT fund. The employment condition for entrepreneurs is 15 months of self-employment during membership in AYT.