What is AYT?

The Unemployment Fund for Entrepreneurs – AYT is an unemployment fund for all entrepreneurs, regardless of company form or line of business, who are permanently resident in Finland. Our main function is to pay unemployment allowance to unemployed members. In addition, we provide advice on unemployment security, give talks and participate actively in improving unemployment security.

Am I eligible to join AYT?

You can join AYT if you are self-employed and the annual earned income for your pension insurance under YEL, MYEL or TyEL is at least EUR 12,816. If you are not sure whether you are an entrepreneur, check your status with respect to unemployment security here or contact our customer service by telephoning or emailing us.

How much does AYT membership cost?

The AYT membership fee is based on your selected annual earned income, which may not exceed the confirmed annual earned income for your pension insurance under YEL, TyEL or MYEL. To see the membership fee at your income level, go to our membership fee calculator.

How can an entrepreneur be unemployed?

Unemployment can be due to a number of reasons, or a combination of many different circumstances. Increased competition in the sector, no longer being able to cope, recession, prolonged incapacity for work or closure of a business by choice are a few examples of reasons that may lead to an entrepreneur becoming unemployed. For the purpose of unemployment security, it is not significant why entrepreneurial activities have ended. Instead it is important to prove termination of activities to an Employment and Economic Development Office (TE Office).

When can an entrepreneur receive daily allowance?

To be eligible for daily allowance from AYT you must, as a rule, be unemployed and also fulfil the employment condition.

Unemployment will be determined by the local Employment and Economic Development authority (TE authority), after which they will provide the fund with a binding statement in respect of your unemployment. In order for the TE authority to establish that you are unemployed, your business must have been closed down or your activities an entrepreneur must have ceased entirely.