Membership ensures your income security

As an entrepreneur, you need courage to take risks. Your and your family's income don’t have to be among them. As a member of the AYT fund, your livelihood is secured and you can focus on the main job of doing business. If the prerequisites for business activities change or your life situation alters, you can choose between closing down or continuing operations as your income is secured even when business operations have ended.

Decide on the future of your business activities yourself – insure yourself against unemployment!

Important forms

Click on the link below for printable forms such as the allowance claim and capital gains statement, that are available on the website of the Federation of Unemployment Funds in Finland (TYJ). If printing the forms yourself is not an option for you, you can contact AYT's customer service to order these forms.



If you want to calculate the AYT fund's membership fee or the amount of any allowance, you can use our calculators provided below.

You can access the AYT fund's calculators from the membership fee and entrepreneur's daily allowance links. The link for calculating requalification security allowance will take you to the website of the Federation of Unemployment Funds in Finland (TYJ).

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Join AYT

Membership of the AYT fund is a sensible and affordable way to manage risks relating to the continuity of your business operations.

Membership of an unemployment fund is the only way to affect the amount of your unemployment allowance. Secure your future and join the AYT fund now or read more first about membership in the fund.